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Emmett 4 Humans Workshop

In this course we will learn gentle, non-invasive muscle-release techniques to benefit you and your family.  We will focus on building skills and knowledge using pressure points to ease pain and discomfort as well as provide many other benefits.  Simple to learn and easy to apply.  No prerequisites required!

What does the Emmett 4 Humans Workshop Include?

This program provides an introduction to some of the skills offered to assist in general help for your clients, friends and family.

  • Body Symmetry & Balance

  • Fast, Effective Quad / Hamstring Release

  • Increase Lung Capacity

  • Shoulder Restrictions & Strength

  • General Body Flexibility

  • Assist leg cramping

  • Hand Coordination & Grip Strength

  • Congestion / Swelling of Lower Limbs

  • Knee Pain

  • Neck & Joint Rotation

All the techniques used by Ross Emmett in this video are included in this course

Available Dates

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